The RAMS Advantage

RAMS, Inc is a full-service transportation asset management and assistance group which provides support in the areas of accounting, property management, contract administration, geographical information systems and expert advice on day-to-day railroad operations. We specialize in performing property audits which identify all occupations encroaching upon the rights-of-way, and offer property and contract management on a per-project and continuing services basis.

  • Maximize rentals for land, wire and pipeline occupations and other non-operating revenues.
  • Generate new revenue sources from alternate uses of the right-of-way.
  • Limit road crossing and other contingent liabilities.
  • Initiate programs with confidence – our highly-qualified, professional and experienced staff is well versed in all aspects of the industry and have the expertise you need to make qualified decisions.
  • Increase revenues with no out-of-pocket expenses.

RAMS, Inc. is a family owned business located in Jacksonville, Florida which has more than 50 years combined experience working alongside railroad professionals, helping them resolve property management issues. We pride ourselves on experience and professionalism which is demonstrated in our day-to-day interactions with clients, their customers and the ironclad documents we develop.

Information On Demand

RAMS Geographic Information System is a powerful, online mapping and centralized database allowing your team to share data quickly and easily.

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New Occupations

Managing forms can be challenging and costly. Teams need the latest information, but regulation and policy are ever changing. RAMS can help.

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