RAMS Geographic Information System (GIS)

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RAMS Geographic Information System (GIS) is our powerful web-based mapping tool and centralized database. It offers a cost-effective and efficient resource of mined data that’s available to every department with computer access. Captured, recorded and easy to access, RAMS GIS utilizes the latest satellite imagery with detailed overlays and maps. Indispensable to infrastructure, Real Estate management and maintenance planning administrators, RAMS GIS allows teams to share data quickly and easily, virtually eliminating the need for updating, printing and storage of paper maps and documents.

RAMS GIS Mapping Layers Include:

  • Rail centerline
  • Mileposts
  • Whistle posts
  • Bridges
  • Licensed agreements
  • Railroad R/W lines
  • Rail weight
  • Switches
  • Utility signs
  • Road crossings
  • Surplus property
  • Customer locations
  • Speed, curve, grade
  • Ties & surfacing programs
  • Cell tower coverage
  • Sewer, water & electricity networks
  • County parcels data
  • Street networks
  • Demographic information