Call for more info…(904) 448-6344

Call for more info…

(904) 448-6344

Property Management

To facilitate the application and permitting process for all installations, encroachments or questions concerning proposed occupations of the railroad property, please call or email the Property Services Department to obtain application forms, instructions and specifications particular to your proposed installation or encroachment of the railroad rights-of-way.

We will immediately provide you with the appropriate forms, instructions and specifications.

New Occupations

If you have individuals or companies that want to occupy your property, no problem. RAMS can manage all their proposed installations.  RAMS works on your behalf by sending the requesting entity an application package that suits their request and provides them with the necessary checklist of information they will need to submit for the approval process.

Start-to-finish, RAMS receives the application and reviews the specifications to make sure they are up to FRA regulations and the Railroad’s requirements.  We coordinate with local railroad personnel by sending them a copy to make sure the location is acceptable and the specifications are up to code. Once the method of installation is approved, we coordinate with the requesting party the appropriate documentation which allows for the requesting party the proposed installation in principal.  Once we have the required drawings, application form and application fee, we process for the appropriate agreement.

Property Services Contact Information:

Jarrett Mankin
1629 Race Track Road, Suite 206
St. Johns, Florida 32259

p. 904.448.6344
f. 904.448.1215

Email: [email protected]